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Dec 26, 2007
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I wish to add signal lights to my '68 Commando which has the stock, no lights, wire harness.

Are there any guides avialable to help me make this addition for front and rear?

If not, can anyone provide the advice?
Steve, if you consult a wiring diagram for a later bike with wiring for directionals, you should be able to see what you'd have to hook up, and to where. I would think you'd just need the directionals themselves, a flasher unit (get a cheap Honda one or the like), and some 16-gauge or so wire.

PS, did you receive the seat strap? - BrianK
PS - and if when you hook up the flasher relay, your headlight and tail light start to flash - reverse the connections to the relay. Had this happen to my recently using a solid state Japanese (Honda or Yamaha, I forget) flasher relay.
signal lights

I've just added signals to my '70 commando. I was very concerned about spoiling the looks but I was more concerned about getting killed at night so I wanted signals that where unobtrusive. I found these at new enough leathers. They look good are bright and are reasonably priced.'s/
You might consider using a self cancelling module for the signals. I mounted signals on my Vincent and used a self cancelling module that is also the flasher unit. It is about half the size of a candy bar.

I used the self canceller on the Vincent because I noticed that I am often leaving the turn signals on when riding my 75 Commando. This is very dangerous, especially if you happen to unwittingly have the left hand turn signal on when going thru an intersection where an opposing car is in the left hand turn slot(same kind of situation would be right hand turn in UK). He sees your left hand indicator and makes his left hand turn, cutting you off. I've come pretty close to killing myself this way and only realized it was my own fault later when I finally found found the signal left on.

The self canceller I have uses right and left momentary switches (I used Honda dirt bike kill buttons, $9.00 ea) Hold the button on for one second and you get seven flashes, good for changing lanes. Hold the button down for two seconds and you get 18 flashes, good for turning a corner on a green light, hold the button down for 3 seconds and you get about 60 flashes, good for sitting at a red light waiting to make a turn. Hold both buttons down at the same time and you get four way flashers( called hazard lights in the UK?), press them both again and the four way flashers turn off.
I purchased the module at Signal Dynamics Corporation. I've forgotten the exact price but it was under $100, I think it was $69.
I was assuming - bad habit - that your bike, like my 73 850, came with a handlebar switch for the signals, albeit no signals themselves. If not, you will need to wire in a switch too. Again, Japanese bike parts can be good for this.
Signal cancellation

Hi Worntorn:
I believe you may be referring to the Kisan Signalminder??
I have one on my BMW & it's a great tool & well worth the extra effort.

The upshot from advice seems to be to use a signal kit from a Japanese bike. I will look into it, so long as I can add it without detracting from the Norton good looks.
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