A lap of North America



A lap of North America

In 2004 we had friends undertake two long distance motorcycle adventures. The first travelled with his pal from Alaska to Argentina, said pal learning to ride a motorcycle specifically for the journey (and since returning, he has decided that he doesn’t like riding them after all). As well as all the anticipated depravations and problems, they were hijacked and robbed by armed bandits in South America and left to walk down a mountain in their socks. The other chose to follow Ewan MacGregor & Charlie Borman across Russia to the Pacific, the difference being that he went about one month later, on his own and without back up. At Vladivostok on the Pacific coast, he met up with friends, turned round and rode back!
This left self professed softies, Roy and me wondering what challenge we could devise. Our answer is to be a lap of North America in 2007. Pretty wimpish stuff eh? Well, true, hopefully our North American colleagues’ love of comfort and convenience will suit our particular style of exploration and adventure. This will avoid those awful depravations and discomfort so favoured by other intrepid explorers.
However we are not totally oblivious to the need for a challenge, ours is to do it on 850 Commandos – you can no doubt imagine that I can now see the scepticism Christopher Columbus must have felt all around him too. Yes, of course it can be done, we have faith. Roy & myself jointly have 50 years experience of riding (and fixing) Commandos, hmmmmm.

From a more positive angle, what we are looking for ideas & suggestions from NOCers & INOAers who have experience of this most westerly of British counties (head for Pembroke and go straight on, I believe). We would appreciate information on motorcycle events, roads and sights to visit. We have a bit of an idea of the USA situation from having visited it four times myself and Roy about ten, however neither of us has any experience of Canada.
Our plan so far is to start at Daytona in late February 2007....
There you have it, pretty much a blank canvas. From a weather perspective, we have created an even more detailed itinerary:- across, up, across & down; 20,000 miles plus and back in 4 to 5 months or when the wives close the bank accounts, which ever comes first.
Any information, helpful contacts, suggestions of places (roads) to visit, bike meetings or any other advice will be very welcome.
Bob oiltrail@hotmail.com
Lap of North America

Hi Bob,

Sorry, not many of us read anything but the "Norton" forum. Just saw your post.

I'm in the San Francisco area. From southern Cal going north toward Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, you should follow the coast from Ventura on Hwy 1 & 101 until you get to San Francisco, about 400 miles. Points of interest along the way are Santa Barbara, Cambria and Hearst Castle, Big Sur, Monterey, Santa Cruz then north on Hwy 1 to San Francisco. From SF head toward the Sierra's and Yosemite National Park and north to Lake Tahoe (bring money for the casinos). After that you can choose how to go north to Seattle and Canada. Look at http://www.pashnit.com for excellent motorcycle roads throughout California.