A Big Hello and Thanks From a New Owner & Bar Question

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Sep 12, 2008
After a few impatient weeks waiting to round up the cash, I'm a new owner of a black and gold 74 Commando. The previous owner, a great guy, made very thoughtful, I believe, upgrades. Boyer Ignition, higher power alternator, new wiring separate circuits, relays and fuses for switches, etc. He improved the front master cylinder, had the engine apart, new rings, valves, relapped oil pump.etc. etc.
Since I've owned Triumphs, Meriden and Hinkley, before I've got a lot to learn about these bikes. Thanks for all the information on this site.

I need to change the handlebars and mirrors. The previous owner has low straight bars that negatively impact on my bad wrist. Is there a bar anyone would recommend with a nice rise and pullback? Are Napolean bar ends appropriate for these bikes?
Any traditional bike shop will have a selection of handlebars; if you have wrist issues, I might suggest "longhorns" or mild pullbacks.

Bar end mirrors are appropriate for any bike that the owner wishes to install them on. The narrower the handlebars, the less field of view with most mirrors; bar-end mirrors help this situation on narrower bars.
Thanks, Paul. You may not recognize me, but I'm the guy who you've helped and counseled over time. It looks like I've finally found my classic bike!

Do the Commando bars sold on ebay: 33" long, 5.5" rise and 7.5" pullback approximate the dimensions of the stock bars? I'd like to keep a stock look. Thanks.
US spec bars are 31" wide with a 5" rise while European bars are 25 1/2" wide with a 4" rise.

I would suggest you get bars that feel right when seated on the bike with feet on the pegs. My biggest complaint on Commandos is the bar/seat/peg relationship. On my '73 Roadster the answer was stock US bars, stock footpegs, and a Corbin gunfighter. On my Interstate it was European bars, rearsets, and stock Interstate seat. On my cafe racer it's....well... the latest attempt is....., Tomaselli adjustable clip-ons with rearsets and production racer seat. Feels OK on the workstand, we'll see on the road.

Any 7/8 inch bar will work with appropriate length cables.
Super bike bars are a favorite of mine 1' rise and 1' pull back.29 1/2 tip to tip all finished. Here's some on my BSA.
A Big Hello and Thanks From a New Owner & Bar Question

And on my Commando.
A Big Hello and Thanks From a New Owner & Bar Question
Not open for further replies.