850 MK2A New Roadrider fitted today

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May 7, 2005
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When I bought my bike it had TT100's on, I changed to Road runners starting with 4.10*19's fron and rear and later a 3.6*19 on the front which improved the steering. At the start of the summer I put a 90/90 19 Avon on the front keeping the 4.10 19 on the back. During all this time the bike has always puled to the left hands free, its a known fault and the cure seemed more trouble than the cure.

Today I put a 100/90 Avon Roadrider on, just took it out for a spin and took my hands off the bars, rock steady staight on, no pulling to the left 8) .

Its in the first 100 miles so can't push it yet but it feels an improvement, no longer falls into corners and seems to track better too.
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