850 Mk11 out for a blast.

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Jan 18, 2006
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Daylight saving ends in SA so with an extra hour of sleep ( clocks are put back from 3am to 2am) I thought i'd sneak out early before the kids and wife woke up and go for a bit of a spin.
City riding seems to annoy my machine. it starts to idle rough, plugs oil up unevenly, too rich an idle mixture on one pot. Not nice to catch all the red lights. last week I set the valve clearances and mixture & idle.
So up at 6am and a quick ride to Mt Lofty along the freeway. I forgot how these bikes get up and go. Runs really good when its opened up. Great view from the top though a little chilly (after two weeks above 35deg C temp is down below 10 again.) What a joy to ride until we hit the lights again and back home before anyone hardly noticed.
I must check the timing chain and put on my trispark ignition that should fix the city riding and that front brake hose and master cylinder need looking at. But thats for another day. :lol:
Sounds like my last weekend blast.
Do yourself a big favour and come over to VIC for the ANZAC weekend a the ALL BRITISH RALLY near Castelmaine (Bendigo). Its the biggest British bike event in the Southern Hemisphere.

That would make a great weekend, But unfortunately its all i can do to squeeze an hour or two away from the family at the moment.
Maybe next year. Mmmm
We could all come over for the weekend but theres a bit too much else on.
I'm tempted, but no, leaving for a week in Qld on Sunday 27Th. :cry: :lol:
Who is organising this one?
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