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Jan 21, 2008
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Hi all
Just had one of those moments!
I am building up my race engine & had prepared an old big inlet valve, with saw cut teeth to re cut the valve pockets. I didnt find out that the head had been re angled until the motor had been balanced & built up. ( I purchased someone elses project) Only a very fine lip to one valve pocket needed smoothing, so the pockets had already been cut! Turned the engine over with only one pushrod in the engine to measure piston to valve clearance when I found out that what I had thought was the inlet valves touching the pistons, turns out to be nothing of the sort!
The crank comes to a halt in iether direction when the piston is going through bottom dead center! The piston skirts are touching the crank webs!
Venolia race pistons? Are they blanks machined to suit?
Kept me quiet for a while I can tell you! Sat and pondered for a long time.
I will have to leave it till next weekend & strip the motor a little further.
all the best Chris
Short rods?

If you are sure nothing is weak and the pistons come to the top of the barrels, I cann't see a problem in removing the pieces of skirt that are fouling the crank. Don't forget to ensure the pistons are the same weight when you've finished.

Electric start cases

Hi Cash
I have been thinking about it all day. Funny how things come back to you!
I ran the alloy barrels & pistons on the Seeley mk3. They are early Steve Mainey & it was said they were porous. They were! Started out like chocolate & then a stream started. Got them coated in Slough, the postage cost more than the cure. Anyway this was on my 850MK2 engine. The race engine is a MK3 electric start motor. Different crank web? ie no machined slot.
Thinking of getting the other engine started. This also needs the piston valve cut outs doing.
all the best Chris
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