750 Commando Restoration

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Nov 14, 2007
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I purchased what I thought at time was a 1973 750 Commando (Engine No. 210414) back in 1977. Rode it in Pennsylvania for several years, no problems, moved to Florida in 1984 and three months later had an 80-year old lady turn left (into a hearing aid store) in front of me.

Fortunately, I missed her car but the resulting dump bent the front forks, destroyed the Dunstall fairing, bent handlebars, etc. The result has been the bike sitting in my garage for the past 23 years.

Now its 2007, the kids have left the nest, the ex-wife’s divorce lawyers are paid-in-full and my new wife, who rode with me as my girlfriend back in ’78, is as excited as I am to get the ol’ girl out of storage and riding the wind again!

I want to have a frame-up restoration done on the bike. With very limited mechanical experience, proper tools, etc. I’m considering having the restoration done by a professional. I’ve been researching the Web and have found a few sites that look as though they would do a great job. The restoration shops I’m considering are:

Ron’s Commando’s (Prescott, AZ)

Wes Scott (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Frank Deihl’s Classic Cycle Works (Georgetown, SC)

My question is: Does anyone in the Forum have any experience and/or knowledge regarding any of the shops I’ve listed. I’ve also viewed Frank’s Brit Bike Barn and Rask Cycle as other alternatives. I’d be most grateful for any info those in the Forum are able to share. Thanks in advance!!
Having dealt with Frank Holmes of Franks Brit Bike Barn for about 9 years now I can vouch for his skill and knowledge, he is primarily a Triumph guy but he and his mechanic Pete do very high quality restorations of other Brit. bikes, he is not just another parts guy.
Good luck. James.
I have been warned off Ron's He had an east coast history. Great web site though lots of innovations.
Thanks to all who replied. And thanks, Coco, for the Born Again Bikes site. I've talked with them and Paul's operation seems to be first class. Trust me, I would love to do the restoration myself, but the years I spent on the bike were trouble-free and I never had to do anything major. Hopefully, once we're back on the road together again, I'll meet other Brit / Norton owners to hang with and I can catch up on my mechanical skills.
Thanks again and Safe Riding!
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