2 down, 1 up...

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Jun 6, 2003
It starts to look like the gearshift pattern: 2 items bad, one good!!!
I finally finished with some machinist help my primary cover:

2 down, 1 up...

Here you can see pictures of the stripping of the butcher work done by www.oldcrowcustoms.com .... in his ebay ad he stipulates that previous paint will be stripped....seems it was forgotten! I just received a same story from a guy around here: he wanted a gold 750 decals and he received a 850 silver...after 7 months!!!

http://s159.photobucket.com/albums/t122 ... 0Commando/

The poor quality lining could be considered subjective (OK, it was crap but not everyone's a perfectionist !) The poor preparation makes it even worse. There is no excuse for leaving thirty-five year old enamel and who knows what else under a new complete paint job.

I hope that the stripper operation gave you some sort of pleasure. It must've been nice watching it fall off at least. :shock:
Just by looking at that Old Crow's site I would have passed. Site has more to do with other crap than paint work.
Not open for further replies.