1971 Commando Sidestand

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I'm trying to locate a sidestand to suit my 71 Commando. It is the type held on by a circlip. Any advice on where to locate an original or how to modify the later type would be appreciated.

I think I know where you can get one. I hadnt heard about the type held on by circlip, but will ask someone who will know and possibly have one for sale. I will post back later,
Mark are you really sure you want one? I took it off my '73 750 many years ago because I got fed up grounding it around even the mildest lefthand corners. Seems a shame to spend money on something that is a pain. What do you think Jerry?
Stand Grinding

Not only is it a pain for a stand to grind inhibiting performance, it's a good way to lift the rear wheel, and send you flying. Usually the bushes are worn. I file down my bushes, then tighten up the nut and bolt well, with a lock washer, stops it bouncing on the spring. It sounds like with the circlip arrangement, you cant tighten that well?

Anyway I'm nervous about stands after I saw someones center stand dig in the road, due to loose fixings, he went down in front of me, All OK luck :D ily!
mark said:
I'm trying to locate a sidestand to suit my 71 Commando. It is the type held on by a circlip. Any advice on where to locate an original or how to modify the later type would be appreciated.

I have a 71 commando that I bought in bits, which included the side stand you describe but I did not fit in during rebuild because I have read that it is dangerous because the c clip detaches and you end up wearing the bike
I opted for a centre stand.

Suggest you do not fit but if you would like mine i will send it to you.

I do NOT use my sidestands. Aren't they for Harleys and other big ass bikes !?!?
71 sidestand

The 71 unfortunately is a 1 year model and the first of the forward cross tube frames. The inboard circlip/pin in 71 was replaced by the outboard lug/bolt for 72-75.
I had to repair a 71 frame for a friend that the pin had broken off. I repaired it by completely grinding away the 71 style and installing a 72+ style.
Not to tough, IF the frame is bare.
side stand

British Bike Connection of NY state has a kit to relocate/change the stand you
are talking about to a 72 and later stand. I think it was 117$.
Check it out. I have done business with Jim Knoll in the past , good guy
and Norton News advertiser.
Jimmy D
71 sidestand

Thanks for the advice everyone. I've just recieved a sidestand (thanks again Terry). I'll see whether I can make any modifications to make it safe. I'm thinking of drilling and tapping the mounting and fitting a retaining washer below the circlip so that the stand cannot fall off if the clip fails.
'71 Sidestand

There's no question the '71 sidestand was a problem and if you ride your Norton daily, it ought to be removed or 'fixed' ('72 style).
However, if you're a purist and want to retain the original '71 sidestand but still keep it on the bike safely, there is a way. It doesn't cost anything but some time.
Drill and tap the sidestand bushing at the back (opposite the leg) for a 3/16" set screw.
Put the sidestand on the post snugly in place and insert a scribe through the new set screw hole to mark the post all the way around.
Remove the sidestand and machine a groove (by hand) completely around the post so that, when installed, the set screw will sit into the groove. If you can find and use a set screw with a post, that's even better and it's easier to make the groove.
Replace the stand and insert the set screw. Locktite the set screw in place. Install the c-clip which is now redundant.

This setup is almost undetectable during shows yet will prevent the stand from falling off. If you fill the hole with some body filler and paint it, it is completely gone. Now the bike is 100% original 1971 - but safe too.

If you like this idea, all you need to know is how to make the groove. There are a few different ways - some good, some not so good.
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