1970 Grab Rail

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Rockyrob said:
I have been thinking about fitting a grab rail to my 1970 S type. I cant seem to find them anywhere

Grab rails should be available from your friendly Norton parts supplier? An 'S' model would not have had a rail originally.

Note there are two rails available, as Roadster and Interstate rails are different, except the 850 MkIII rail which is no longer available new as far as I know, which was the same for both MkIII Roadster and Interstate models:

http://www.nortonmotors.de/ANIL/Norton% ... 26&Part=25

http://www.nortonmotors.de/ANIL/Norton% ... 26&Part=26

MkIII: http://www.nortonmotors.de/ANIL/Norton% ... 28&Part=26

Later frames apparently had wider seat loops, so it may be necessary to bend the rail slightly in order to get it to fit?
Thanks for the info Lab,, i thought the rail may have been an option, i would like to keep to original ,having said that i understand there were no mirrors on the S either (mine has none at present) but i just may have to make an exception for saftey purposes

The only other unoriginal (is that a word) parts are the pazon i fitted for better starting . and i dont have the reflectors on the coil brackets, ( the price for them seems ridiculous) i hope to post a few pics of the bike in the next few days so that the forum can comment or make any other suggestions on originalty.and appearance, not that i have any issue with upgrades and changes to improve the overall enjoyment of the bikes at all. i just happen to like original. a bit like KFC :) never understood that spicy crumbed stuff they come out with
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