1. Torsion damper in the drive train

    Gents, Not wanting to mess with the thread on shockproof oils, here is how Ducati solved their need for a torsion damper. Their design is hardly different to the AMC design we know which was in use right up to 1968, just bigger and probably better tuned. The beauty of using rubber is that the...
  2. Champy72

    Best gearing for speed

    Hi all. I have an 850 Mk 2 Commando engine with Maney stage 2 head and a belt drive, running in a classic kneeler sidecar racing outfit. Just about to install a 6 speed gearbox (Hemmings), and need to work out the best gearing (sprockets) to get highest speed at 6,500 to 7,000rpm. Don't want to...