1. timshawglass

    962 comando rear mudguard

    Hello, so today the small plastic rear mudguard broke off, the plastic had cracked and finally gave way. Two questions, has anyone else experienced this and any thoughts of how to repair it, type of glue etc to use? Thanks Tim
  2. Bluesman3000

    Front Wheel Bearing

    For the last two years since I restored my 1968 Commando I've noticed lines of grease sprayed on the left side of the front wheel hub. How serious is this? I don't want the front wheel to seize while I'm riding. How long does it take to replace the bearings and what is the cost of a sealed set...
  3. Rear frame loop

    I have managed to align my rear frame loop to be central to the headstock & spine tube but am now looking at the height of it. Is it supposed to be parallel to the bottom frame tubes? The drawing I have found in this forum doesn't show definitely the angle of it when the bottom frame tubes are...