1. Trevor Hallam

    Monobloc resleeve

    Hi all, apologies if there is up to date info somewhere on the forum, but I’ve looked and have only found older information and dead links. I have a set of monoblocs for a basket case Atlas I’m working on (64 motor, 66 frame) and am wanting to have the carb bodies resleeved. I’m in Canada so I...
  2. robs ss

    Commando Seat Rebuild Advice

    I'm looking for advice on what the best and most durable preparation & paint(?) system is for a Commando seat base - including any tips on work that may be necessary on the foam to improve the result. Is the stock method of attaching the cover to the base still the way to go or is there...
  3. rivera

    Street Scrambler or High Rider Tank from India

    Hi everybody, a friend of mine and me are commissioned to rebuild a 1971 Street Scrambler to it´s former glory. The bike was delivered to the US in May 1971 according to to Joe Seifert´s delivery log books and also the NOC´s data as a yellow Commando SS. At the moment the bike looks like this...
  4. wrecks

    Basket Case Project - What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

    In the early 1980s my father and I dismantled this 1971 Norton Commando to move it down some narrow stairs into a basement and fix a cracked cradle. Then in the late 1980's we took it apart a little more in order to start a restoration. Today my father dropped it off at my house and my hope is...