primary chain case

  1. Phliper00

    Grease crankshaft in primary

    Hey guys, I am rebuilding my primary.It may sounds stupid, but would you put grease on the crankshaft or leave it dry when rebuilding the alternator on it. I had the conversation with my stepbrother who’s a mechanic. Regards
  2. Phliper00

    Primary chain case alignment

    Hey guys, I did a small job on my engine head and I am putting every thing back together. I am about to complete my primary case reassembling but if i look closer to the center stud, it seems that the inner case is not align properly by 1/16-1/8. I tried to fit the triplex chain and the...
  3. Assembling the Primary? '71 & '72

    I'm at a point to assemble the primary and it strikes me that I should check to be sure... Is there a guide here so I do it correctly? I hope to not have to disassemble for a do-over! Thank you in advance! (search didn't help this time) This is not a "reassemble is the reverse of...
  4. Balmain Bill

    Mk 3ES outrigger plate problem

    Hi all, I'm in the process of reassembling the primary chain cases on my Mk3 ES after removing them to drop the engine far enough to pull out the rear isolastic. When I tighten up the outrigger it pushes the starter drive gear hard up against the chain tensioner plate cover to the extent that...