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    961 Thiel pipes
  2. robs ss

    An Exhausting Question

    PURISTS - AVERT YOUR EYES! Without wanting to start a discussion on what the "correct" pipes and mufflers are for different Commandos I have one question which, hopefully, someone can help me with. Is there anything fundamentally different between 750s & 850s and between Roadsters & Interstates...
  3. C

    Norton P11a Exhaust Pipe Set (removable baffles/cones) value?

    Hi all....Looking for some help valuing an original set of pipes and mufflers that came off of a P11a I owned 20 years ago. Bike was an earlier and correct restoration and is sadly missed (its now living in Scotland!). These are the rare low set with removable cones and baffles. Chrome is near...
  4. PopsRacer

    Spark Arrestors for Mufflers?

    Obviously, these bikes gotta be a gas for off-highway. In the nanny-golden-state of California, spark arrestors are required for much of the grass, brush, tree-lined, and otherwise off-highway vehicles. Don't think these existed in 1968, and I don't think anyone worried about the desert...