1. S

    Oil Disappearing

    Hello, I would like your advice and opinions on my '73 850 Commando and the cause of disappearing oil. I estimate I have added in the ballpark of 1 1/2 quarts of oil over 1000 miles of riding. When I top off or change the oil, I typically fill the tank so that the dipstick reads just above the...
  2. T

    gearbox oil quantity

    hi there, a question about the gearbox oil quantity... I`m a bit concerned about the correct quantity of gearbox oil....or its distribution inside of the box: on my recently aquired commando 750 `72, doing the oilchange of the gearbox, after draining it I refilled the box till the fresh oil...
  3. Phliper00

    Grease crankshaft in primary

    Hey guys, I am rebuilding my primary.It may sounds stupid, but would you put grease on the crankshaft or leave it dry when rebuilding the alternator on it. I had the conversation with my stepbrother who’s a mechanic. Regards
  4. robs ss

    Oil Filter tension

    How do you guys tighten your oil filters? On cars I have found firm hand tightening sufficient over many years. I realise a big 360 degree twin vibrates much more and the manual advises clamping the filter to a fixed blade. But much time has passed and the "rubber" ring is probably very...
  5. phliper

    Oil plug replacement 06-0668

    Hey guys, Just come back from a superb fall ride here in Quebec! I was looking at my oil plug at the bottom of my engine and it was a bit loose and was off course leaking. I tightened it, but the plug seems to be no more tight in the hole. I spoke to my mechanics and he told me to find a...
  6. Jungle_re

    new Duckham classic Q oil

    Duckhams Q oil has started to be made with a recipe for classic vehicles. The tech spec is a little grey about the level of zinc within. After reading about a thousand threads about oil here and other usual places i bought a tin. will be oil changed out before next ride. price was decent...