norton commando

  1. savingclassicmotorcycles

    From 22 to mid 30s Norton Passion and Restoration Norton 1927 16H Flat Tanker, Norton RAF 1944 WD16H, Norton Commando 1968, Norton 650ss 1967

    Hi team I hope we are all well a long time no speak a few will probably remember me I used to post about a few of my Nortons n mainly my 650ss, It's been a few tricky years, back just before covid we lost our family company (not bike related) after dad an I worked 70+ hour weeks which we often...
  2. 1971 Norton Commando 750 Cafe

    1971 Norton Commando 750 Cafe

    This 1971 Norton Commando started life as a Fastback. Sometime in the late 70s or early 80s the Curley GRP fairing, tank, and seat was installed. I don’t know the actual history of the bike as I got it from an estate sale 10 years ago. It runs great and so there was no need to go through the...
  3. Stillreel

    Vintage Norton Insurance

    Once again, insurance on the Norton has increased again by another $60 / yr. No claims, no tickets, no accidents yet policy keeps increasing in price. Currently with Dalton Timmins in Ontario Canada. Wondering what / who other Canadians out there are using to provide insurance coverage. Time...
  4. phliper

    Norton 1974 won’t start

    Hi, I tried to start my norton after some work on it. Spark plugs are good, carb freshly cleaned up. I got spark, but the kickstart kicks back. My battery shows 11.9 volts after 2 minutes with the headlight test. Should I change my battery? Thanks! Phil
  5. John Studden's Norton Commando MK3

    John Studden's Norton Commando MK3