1. Magneto Timing Again

    So what is the secret to keeping the magneto shaft from moving when you tighten the magneto extractor bolt on the sprocket/AAU? I just retimed an Atlas. I have done this this dozens of times on different bikes. Sometimes after I set the points to break open at 28 to 32 btc (depending on which...
  2. Paul W.

    Magneto Timing Light

    Has anyone used a magneto timing light? I was thinking back to my A&P school days and timing aircraft engines. They make a product for single magneto engines that tells you precisely when the points open and close without pulling the cover. Joe Hunt and others have products. I was looking at...
  3. Magneto End Plate / Cam Housing Issues

    Recently looked down at the rebuilt K2f on my Atlas while it was running and noticed that the end plate / points / cam housing was loose and bouncing around. Worth checking for this before looking for other reasons why the points are not breaking evenly on the two cam ring ramps. I guess there's...