1. robs ss

    An Exhausting Question

    PURISTS - AVERT YOUR EYES! Without wanting to start a discussion on what the "correct" pipes and mufflers are for different Commandos I have one question which, hopefully, someone can help me with. Is there anything fundamentally different between 750s & 850s and between Roadsters & Interstates...
  2. robs ss

    Stock (dual) seat - Corbin mounting

    I am in the process of mounting a stock seat to my interstate. Currently has Corbin Gunfighter. As many of you will know, Matt (cNw) draws the line at fitting dual seats but there will be times when I would like to ride 2-up. I will have it upholstered with rear hump after getting the base to...
  3. Replacement steel tank for 72 Interstate

    I am looking to find out if anyone has experience in purchasing a repro tank from India or elsewhere. I have a 72 Interstate fiberglass tank that leaks and I would like to purchase a reproduction tank to paint, but do not want to spend the money if the tanks are not up to par.Can anyone help?