1. Supercat

    Horn installation question

    Hi there, I've just gotten back home after some work travel and I'm back to work on the Norton. Last evening I wired up my horn and put it back into position... well sort of. I can install it with the horn opening towards the drive side of the bike, or towards the timing side, and there are...
  2. Supercat

    Extra horn ground wire

    Hey there, What's with the extra, separate horn ground wire on my wiring harness? There is a set of two ground wires with a double bullet connector, but there is also a separate single ground wire with a male bullet connector. Is this just to give me a couple of options to reach my horn, or...
  3. Supercat

    Harness Installation

    Hi folks, I am mentally preparing to install a new wiring harness in a 72 Commando and I have a few questions. 1) First, after reading a couple of related threads on here I've come up with a general plan, and I'm hoping to hear if people think it sounds ok. I'm planning to clean the parts...