engine rebuild

  1. Engine rebuilder West Sussex

    Hi I have an original 1972 750 interstate with combat engine. 31,000 miles but now I suspect the bearings may be on their way out, judging by the extra noise coming in particular from the primary side. Can anyone recommend a rebuilder in West Sussex? I can do most things myself but am not...
  2. richard-7

    TonyA's Engine Rebuild

    Tony decided to come to Niagara Falls Canada to rebuild his engine. Here are a few pics. I'll let him post the rest of the pics and the findings. He may not be back on the forum for a few days though... And we're happy he made it.... because his trailer broke in our driveway. We almost...
  3. bushman

    Bushman's Rebuild Update

    After a couple of months of traveling and dealing with demands of work, I have finally been able to get back into completing the rebuild of my 2013 CR. Progress is happening albeit slowly - I can only spend a couple of hours a day at a time, so I take on tasks that can be accomplished within...
  4. André Bourbonnais

    New Norton(ish) Owner

    Hi everyone. My story is an interesting one. My older brother has had a 1972 Norton Commando 750 for the past 30yrs. I beleive shes a Roadster but I also have a spare interstate seat and tank. My brother sold me this bike 12yrs ago and I had partially started the restoration but due to cash and...