1. yves norton seeley

    Who knows the story of this bike ?

    V5 Image removed by the moderator as it contains personal information. Please cover or blank out the names and addresses if you repost. Hi There, My friend Fabien ask me to work on his project. I wish to know the story of this bike. What I know so far: The bike start his life as a 1955...
  2. C

    Dominator megaphone pipes - baffle solutions ??

    Hi guys I just received my Dominator (used almost new bike !!) superbe !!! Real beast !!! With its megaphone pipes... incredibly loud and not practical to ride in the city (until I can escape to the country side ...) For those who have megaphones how did you manage to damp the noise and make...
  3. A

    Norton dominator is coming..

    Hello Norton community! I'm new here, i'd like to know if dominator has mkII upgrades : i'm going to buy a 2016, does this art piece suffer just oil leaks or starting issues? I found few articles about it, had a bad one-day story with a 2013 commando, and now i' m in love again. Have anybody...
  4. G


    This is the 1964 Norton Dominator 650ss that my Dad and I have been working on for the last year or so. We've been collecting parts from shows and jumbles, and this is what we've come up with. She's finally finished and ready to hit the streets! This is how it looked when we got it in 2015...
  5. James1993

    1954/55 Norton Dominator

    Hi, I know this is probably a long shot but I’m looking to trace the whereabouts of a bike that belonged to my 91 year old Grandad from 1954/55 until 1968. I have photo albums full of its tours through France/Italy/Switzerland during the 50s, and also a newspaper clipping from 1958 where my...