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    961 Thiel pipes
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  4. Dune

    Fell in my lap, '15 Commando Sport MK1

    So i've been talking about Nortons for months, and a good buddy of mine is in the whole salvage auto business. suddenly he sends me an Auction on Copart for a '15 Commando sport, Salvage title (Dismantled) . Yesterday was my 34th Birthday and said, What the heck, lets go for it. :p Highest...
  5. timshawglass

    962 comando rear mudguard

    Hello, so today the small plastic rear mudguard broke off, the plastic had cracked and finally gave way. Two questions, has anyone else experienced this and any thoughts of how to repair it, type of glue etc to use? Thanks Tim
  6. MarkMk3

    Clutch springs. Anyone know of any aftermarket springs that are available.

    Tried the dealer and service agent in Australia but can't supply them.
  7. richard-7

    catalytic converter FAILS

    Our customer has a 2014 that we couldn't figure out its horrible running since last year. After swapping a new ECU, adding the O2 plugs, playing with different maps and swapping out every sensor we were almost giving up. It would sometimes run great and then other days run horrible. My dad...
  8. Kiwi961

    Moving on...... sort of.

    Hi All, Well after quiet a journey with the 961 - starting with ordering it in late 2016 and expecting a Mark 2 only to find out some time later it was actually a 2015 model, and then have parts drop off it on the ride home from Auckland to Wellington due to piss poor assembly by the dealer, and...
  9. TimS

    New 961 Commando - Blue Pipes?

    I'll be collecting my new 50th Anniversary 961 Commando (# 38) next weekend - it looks beautiful and it has definitely been worth the wait. When I dropped by the dealer this week to settle the bill I noticed that the exhaust headers have blue'd quite badly already. I did have the dealer de-cat...
  10. richard-7

    TonyA's Engine Rebuild

    Tony decided to come to Niagara Falls Canada to rebuild his engine. Here are a few pics. I'll let him post the rest of the pics and the findings. He may not be back on the forum for a few days though... And we're happy he made it.... because his trailer broke in our driveway. We almost...
  11. 2014 SF for sale