1. CH53MechWest

    1974 JPN was my first motorcycle.

    Maybe it was around summer of 2007 I can't really remember because at the time and I was stationed in Hawaii and I re-enlisted in the Marine Corps. I wanted a Motorcycle but different from everyone else that was getting a Harley after deployments. I was thinking of getting a Buell 1125R because...
  2. davamb

    850 Engine Build Help Please

    Hi all, I'm building up an 850 engine and have a couple of final points that are of concern. I'd be thankful of some help from the brains trust: 1. Crank thrust washer - Presumably to set the crank end float. I see it in the parts diagram, but not mentioned in the assembly steps and nothing in...
  3. robs ss

    An Exhausting Question

    PURISTS - AVERT YOUR EYES! Without wanting to start a discussion on what the "correct" pipes and mufflers are for different Commandos I have one question which, hopefully, someone can help me with. Is there anything fundamentally different between 750s & 850s and between Roadsters & Interstates...
  4. 850 Tri-Spark Problem

    Gents, Running into an issue with a newly installed tri-spark set up on a ‘73 850 Commando. After a complete rebuild the bike looks great and runs well.... kind of. After setting the initial timing on the tri spark the bike will start relatively easy. However after I shut the bike down, the...