750 commando

  1. N

    Norton 750 transmission fluid

    New to Norton’s, wondering what kind of transmission fluid does a 71 750 commando take? Thank you for your help.
  2. CaptainBillK

    Ignition / Points - Norton Commando 750 (1971)

    As instructed, I have the indicator set at 28 . I also have the AAU locked to full advance. However, there is no additional adjustment slack available to turn the plate clockwise enough to line things up. This is my first Norton, so I’m new to this. From what I could figure out, the “Drive...
  3. Doug MacRae

    New video racing my 750 Commando in Superbike class at Mosport 2018

    Racing my 1972 Norton 750 Commando short stroke at Mosport (CTMP) in the P3 Superbike class. I wound up with a tough race against a fast guy on a Honda 750 Interceptor but beat him to the line. The bike was going well and I put in my fastest laps ever there, within 1.2 seconds of the Superbike...