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Hi people!

Just want to share this with you. I traded in my 72 Commando 750 Interpol for a 69 Commando 750 S!!!!! As I mentioned I was having some serious trouble with the Interpol...
The S-type ist perfect, total rebuid, powdercoated frame, boyer bransden, koni dial-a-rides, matching numbers, Akront Rims, reinforced swinging arm, oil filter. It is an immaculate bike, really. I just love the clean, sporty, bland looks of it. Originally exported to Joe Berliner in 1971, it comes in Canary Yellow and though the bike is 3 years older than the one I owned, it looks a lot more modern. Guess it is the upswept pipes?

I am totally blown away. The bike is an absolute minter!

Regards from Hamburg, Germany

Congratulations Matt! Sounds like you scored a good one. The S models are very nice, I'm sure you'll enjoy it very much. Post some pics when you get a chance!

Thank you Debby!

It looks as if I picked a model where the TLS frontbrake is working just fine. It seems as if it recceived an upgrade as well. I have to find out. Good point is, that I don’t have those Lucas switchgear plus discbrake master cylinder anymore… so nothing will bother me in terms of fouled electrics and undecent braking power. And the handlebar looks neat and clean without the switchgear clusters as well.

How is your project going on? You are exchanging the TLS with a propper disc brake, aren't you? You could have sorted you front brake problem with a NORVIL TLS upgrade, maybe. That is, of course, only if you prefer the look of a drumbrake to a discbrake.
If I was you, I would keep the drum brake assembly. Don’t sell it, unless you desperately need the money. But if you do, ask serious money for it ;-) !

Pics of my S-type will be sent asap.

Kind regards from Hamburg, Germany

I should be ready to go with the disk conversion pretty soon now. There's just one more machining operation that has to be done to the poor quality repop fork tubes I bought, then I can put it all together.

I'm told the TLS can work quite well if it's blueprinted by an expert, but I'd say the skills to do that are as rare as alchemy. I went through all the setup procedures on mine but all I ended up with was a pot of lead. The TLS on my Bullet works a lot better than the one on my Norton. Sounds like yours is one of the rare ones that actually works.

mmm....... In my humble opinion, The norton tls drum brake works ok on a flat surface, one up & only when you do not have to use it to may times to get where you are going to.

Try using a tls drum brake through 50 - 100 klms of twisting mountainous roads & see how they compare with a decent disc setup.

Then do the twisting mountainous roads again with a pillion on the back.

Anyone who says the Norton TLS works fine does not ride their norton as they are meant to be ridden or carry a pillion through a downhill mountain range.

Their is a bloke on this forum that may say "Anyone who replaces their drum with a disc setup doesn't know how to adjust his tls properly".

Tell him he's dreaming.
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