Worlds fastest bathtub (praps)

Fast Eddie

Oct 4, 2013
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That Perrett Triumph video clip got me hunting through old pictures for these...

I dragged a ‘59 bathtub 3TA from under a hedge in someone’s backyard and paid £50 quid for it. It was complete, but a tad worse for wear. I stuck it down the side of my shed.

A year or two later, in 1990 me n some mates decided to put a ‘team’ together for the Houghton Tower Sprint. It wasn’t a serious ‘campaign’ we pulled a mix of bikes together for a bit of fun. One of which was the hedgerow 3TA.

My mate had a Perrett Triumph crosser with a rapid 500 motor. We put his motor into my rusty hedgerow 3TA and he entered it. It was a real spectacle, and a helluva giggle, and a bit stupid !

Worlds fastest bathtub (kidney belt cos he was a motocross rider, with a ‘motocross back’):

The full ‘team’...
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