Where to get throttle cables?

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Apr 1, 2008
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Ny norton is set up with twin cables all the way. I need some new ones with the adjsuter. Anyone have a source that lists the lengths available so I can choose the closest one? Or a source for parts to make my own? thanks
You don't say where you are which makes life difficult. Other variables are the type of twistgrip and height of handlebars.

I have a twin pull Tommaselli on my Roadster with European bars and have adjusters fitted just below the twist grip.

No problem to measure it if it helps.

I calculated the overall and free length needed and had a couple of sets made up to drawing by Venhill Engineering.
gahi said:
Ny norton is set up with twin cables all the way.

Anyone have a source that lists the lengths available

I don't think Commandos ever had twin full length cables, so there isn't likely to be a list?
Maybe yours has the double twist grip and cables used on some Triumph twins?

79x100 said:
You don't say where you are which makes life difficult.

I know it is somewhat of a global market these days, but I agree, it does make it difficult trying to recommend suppliers which could well be on the other side of the world to the person asking for information?

If those members would please take a few seconds to fill in their approximate location details in their *[Profile] section as it is in their own interest to do so, it can then make it much easier for others here to recommend local (or at least in the same country?) suppliers and services, thank you.

* -Click [Profile] at the top of the page,

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I looked around a bit, my BSA also has twin cables, but I don't think thos are stock either. I'm pretty sure they're triumph cables. There are a couple of sets on ebay that are pretty close to the length I'm looking for. I'll look into the Venhill cables. Thanks
Venhills do make good quality cables, and they will make them to your own requirements if you send them a pattern or a detailed drawing but they charge extra for that, or I think they will sell you the parts to make the cables yourself if you wanted to?
Due to the Pound/Dollar exchange rate it could work out a bit expensive buying specially made cables from the UK, at the moment?

It's a typical modification to replace the one-into-two throttle cables with a Triumph Bonneville twistgrip and appropriate length cables to eliminate the junction box. Some people find it easier to adjust the cable length individually rather than equalizing the carbs then adjusting the freeplay at the grip.

No Commando came with a dual cable throttle. I would measure the cable length and find the closest match from a Triumph parts dealer. A longer cable can be shortened if necessary.

Alternatively you can order the ends and a length of cable from many suppliers and make your own or some dealers will custom make cables.
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