What seat and tank is on this beautiful bike? I want this!

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Jan 3, 2009
I love this bike. Want to find out what seat and tank this is...
Any experts have a idea where they can be bought?
What seat and tank is on this beautiful bike? I want this!

Thanks guys!
The tank looks like a typical Norvil tank. They can be found in Aluminum or fiberglass.


see part#063710A


http://www.rgmmotors.co.uk/items.asp?ca ... nels,Racks

The seat looks odd but that may be because there is no fender to fill in the space between the frame and seat. It's likely also Norvil though.

Aluminum is the best choice if you can afford it. It will dent as compared to fracture or desintigrate in an accident. It will last a lot longer too.
Ok, so it's a Norvil tank. Great!
That was easy enough...Thanks! I'm going to get one.

Now the seat is in question, you say it's most likely a Norvil- Any way to be sure?
Thanks :!:
BTW isn't this the Norvil seat?
What seat and tank is on this beautiful bike? I want this!

It's the only one I could find for sale...
Did they make other styles?
Looking at the design and more importantly, the fit of that seat I question whether it was originally made for a commando. It could be an old manx or other brand fitting.

The latter style norvil seat/tail sections were more square and a bit taller. The yellow one has the number plate incorporated whereas the 1st one doesn't. Try to do a search or Norvil Production Racers and see if you can find picts in online brochures from the past etc.

Buying the tank and seat together will ensure bolt on compatibility. Buying separately may require some custom fitting on your part.
Norvil seat

I have a Norvil proddie tank & seat.
On the original paper work it tells you how to!
"welt over the top seam of the oil tank"
The rear of the petrol tank sits on it!
A little bit of fettling to suit! I think so Sir!
all the best Chris
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