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OK, I've been working on scooters (rice burners) for over 30 years, and I once heard a rumor that the British had their own backward standard. I dismissed it, because I own three of every thread size in the world ... or so I thought :?

Fortunately, I haven't bunged up anything, but I knew somehting was funny when I started taking this beastie apart, and found some SAE fit, some metric, some tight, some loose ... Waaaa :?: :?:

Anyway, my machinist friend informed me of that four-letter word, "Whitworth". Joke's on me :P

Question: what's the thread size of the special tool needed to remove the tappet adjuster? 5/16-fine fits for about 3 threads, but I don't feel comfortable forcing any more threads in, or applying force using my own hand made puller.

Humbug :!:

If your talking about the rocker spindles, they are tapped 5/16-26 CEI or cycle (cycle engineering institute)threads NOT whitworth or bsf.
The valve adjusters on the rockers are BSF I think.

I have BSF, whitworth, CEI, BA (british association), UNF, UNC, UNS, and metric taps and dies.
It does get expensive and confusing for newbees.
A large portion of the work I do on my bikes is correcting previous ying yang thread problems.
On a commando, most old style threads are restricted to...on the engine and gearbox.

there is almost no metric on a commando except maybe for where the throttle cable screws into the MKIII throttle assy.
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