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Dec 5, 2003
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PISTONS; It seems there are several choices out there for replacement oversize pistons: Norvil sells a set of cast pistons by the OEM manufacturer for about $180 plus shipping, theres a company in St. Pete FL selling a set of cast pistons (I believe made in Taiwan) for about $100 plus shipping and I seem to recall someone selling forged "racing" pistons
too (J&E ?)
So the question is; Has anyone out there used any of these and what has their experience been? Thanks,

I run the power max pistons from Norvil and I like them. They have a little extra metal in the tops were the action is. I don't like the cir-clips they use and next time I will find fonalic buttons to replace the retaining clips. I also had mine coated with a baked on slippery grey stuff. I have been in there since and it works well. The rings that come with these are much better than the cheap pistons. norbsa
I generally stick with the cast AE/Hepolite pistons (OEM), but have used GPM (Italian) with good luck. I have done one motor with a set of Japanese pistons, but with AE rings. These were all street motors, and all are still running.
Friends with vintage racers are either using AE (Powermax) or custom made forged pistons (JE or Wiseco).

I, too, use Hepolite pistons in street motors. And for a racing motor, I would probably install a quality forged piston, such as Weisco.


This is the only place I know of that will produce teflon buttons for retaining wrist pins. If I were doing it all over again that and a teflon coating is the way to go. If you have ever seen what a loose clip can do to a bore you would know what I mean. norbsa
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