swing arm question

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Installing the rear wheel of my Commando is really difficult. I have to pry the swing arm open to install the tire, speedo drive and spacer.

I have to pry it open about a quarter inch to get the spacer in.

I measured the inside opening at the very end of the swing. It measures 7 & 7/8 inch.

Does anyone have one to measure?


What you are describing is common.

I use the wooden handle of a mallet & "gently" place it between the swingarm & speedometer drive from the top. With a little gentle persuasion, I then slip the spacer in from underneat/forward so that if it marks, it is difficult to notice. If you are careful & take your time you will not mark anything. This method works for me.

Yup, same here. Needs a little gentle prying to put it together. But when I remove the axle the spacer just drops right out.

rear wheel persuasion

Same for me. What's going on is the vanes in the brake drum don't seat completely in the cush drive pads until the whole thing is bolted tight. That's why when you dis-assemble the spacer just drops out.
BTW the new repop speedo gearbox I just purchased (old one quit working, lost all the teeth) seems a bit thicker than the old Smiths one. I'm gonna need a bigger prybar :(

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