Startup after long storage

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Apr 17, 2005
In the next month or so I will be attempting to startup my 73 Norton Commando after 13 years storage. Besides the obvious items re oil change, cleaning of carbs & gas tank, are there any particular items that should be addressed before attempting to start the engine.

Thanks for any advise on this.

I recently started my BM after a year's lay up.

I took out the plugs and they were rusty, so I took the carbs off and looked down the inlet posts. I saw rust on the valve seats.
As a precaution I took the heads off and reground the valves.
Lifting the head to check on cylinder bore condition is advisable,the piston rings may have left their mark on the surface -- depending on how well prepared the motor was before the lay up,i.e. oil in the cylinders etc. to prevent corrosion.Standing in one position for a long period of time may have caused the crank weight to have caused some indenting of the main bearings -- not a"probable",just a maybe.Apart from the engine, check the isolastic mounts,they are sure to have deteriorated in 13 years and will cause some vibration from the engine at idle masking more serious causes i.e. crank / bearing damage.Ride safely. James.
Change oil after 500 miles or if you are flush with money at 200 and again at 500, you will be amazed at what grnge will come out,
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