Speaking of TLS brakes NOT stopping well

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Nov 21, 2005
Has anyone installed or experienced the 'performance kit' (part # 06-3410) package that is offered to improved the TLS's ability to actually STOP one of our beloved Norton's??

Thanks everyone!
The fundamental problem of the original TLS front brake was that the backplate wasn't strong enough. The test engineering folks who were riding the prototypes (me included) were very antsy about it.

When the force at the hanldebar lever reached a certain amount, you could keep pulling until the lever bottomed out against the twistgrip, with no increase in braking.

I did some brittle-laquer tests which showed distortion of the brake backplate. I don't know if we changed vendors and got a better TLS unit. I do remember the real Heath Robinson attempts to get a disc brake to work, none of which succeeded before I left N-V in the summer of 1968.
I have done the renforsment kit from Norvil and sanded in a good set of shoes. See old posts. For about three hard stops it's as good as a disk but after that the drum grows and well you know the rest.
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