sparx ignition system

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Dec 20, 2008
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Hi , does anyone have any experience of the Sparx ignition system for twins?, I am going to fit a new ignition and most probably go with the Tri-spark Classic Twin system , but I saw this one and wondered if it was good. It looks very similar to the Boyer.
I've fitted many of them, and have had zero failures.

Not only that, every one started on the first kick except for two times that I didn't put my full weight and effort into it (my fault).

Very easy to install, I like the quick-connect for the harness, and the heat-sink finning on the brain box.

Disclaimers: I am a Sparx reseller, I have had horrible results with Boyers, and I have not tried the Tri-Spark systems yet.
I second what Paul said, I had one on my Mk III and the bike ran great until one day the bike died on me and would not restart. I went thru the entire wiring system and made sure the connections were good and also pulled the ignition off to check those wires. What I found was that the back of the plate had a very large spot of solder and was touching the case, I don't know for sure if this was the problem or not but someone told me they had heard of the same thing. But the system was very good at starting and the bike ran great at all speeds, So If you buy one check the backing plate to see that the solder points don't touch. Maybe Paul can help on this a little more as he has much more knowledge than I, But the system works great. I ended up putting the Boyer micro digital on and it also works very good. I have a 72 Combat that I have a Tri-Spark for and will report on that once the bike is finished. Have a Happy New year guys and ride safe. Chuck. :D
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