Roadholder Fork Diameter Questions

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Earlier Roadholder forks, specifically those from the early 50s versions Manx appear to be wider in diameter than those on 8) Commandos. The new Dreer inspired 952s look really sharp with the custom forks, which also appear significantly wider than the later model Roadholder/Commando forks.


1)What are the widest Roadholder diameter forks, specifically that will work on an 850 Commando?

2) Are there any wider aftermarket forks that would work?
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Are you talking about the fork tube diameter? These were all the same from the first Roadholder to the last at 37mm diameter. The changes were long roadholder with external springs used on pre featherbed models, short roadholder used on featherbed frames and last the commando version that was a bit longer. There was a change from 7" tube center right side to left side to 7 3/8" in the mid 60s.

You can graft any fork onto any bike. All you need is custom triple clamps then wheel and brakes to match.
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