Right hand carb not tickling

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Oct 25, 2008
hey all noticed on new carbs i installed right side aint flooding when i tickle her for starting. left carb floods good ! any ideals thanks M.C>
The R/H tickler pin may not be pushing the float down far enough for it to open the float valve?

The tickler roll pins are a push fit in the buttons, so can be adjusted by gripping both parts (with pliers/grips?) taking care to protect the metal surface of the button, and then twist the pin out of the button slightly. Keep adjusting a little at a time, and then re-test until the carb floods as easily as the L/H one.
I would pull the bowls and check the float height to insure that they are the same at about 2MM. They will not run as a pair unless they are a pair.It is also common to find that one roll pin has been tapped in further than the other on the ticker button.
I've had the same situation with mine, and it also was the right side. Minor adjustment with two pliers and a bit of leather around the button so as not to mar it.
Well thank you for the information. My Triumph stopped tickling after I reset the floats. One side used to tickle. It is impossible to fire the beast w/o ticklers. I was going to fashion a little insert to go in the split pin. Now, I suppose I can just work it out/down a tad.
right carb not ticklin'

hello all pulled float bowl to check why she wasn't ticklin'.read your guys threads and somethings to look for.Tickler pin good float height to low adjusted per bushmans specs .tickles good now. thanks guys! i'll update you in a new post on my tri-spark ing. now that the fuel issue is addressed m.c.
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