Jun 21, 2009
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Hi Guys,
My name is Brent Budgor. I have a small motorcycle painting business, The Vintage Vendor, here in Vermont. I strive hard to do quality work at a fair price. Among the many Nortons I have done, I've painted both Jerry Doe's Interstate a couple of years ago and more recently his "Blue Stripe Commando" on the home page of this website. If you have painting needs, I hope you will consider my services for your Norton or any other brand of bike. I use top quality PPG materials and am dedicated to the craft and your satisfaction. Feel free to check my website (http://www.vintage-vendor.com), drop me an e-mail or give me a ring on my cel 802 839-9439. The site contains many high quality photos of Norton tins as well as many other brands in my Updated Gallery Section. GENERALLY SPEAKING I CAN HAVE YOUR BIKE COMPLETED IN 2 TO 3 WEEKS ONCE I RECEIVE YOUR PARTS AND HAVE MANY HAPPY CUSTOMERS THAT CAN ATTEST TO THAT. Happy Riding, Brent
I recently had my 1973 Commando 750 tank and side panels painted by Brent. I'm extremely happy with the results. They were painted black with gold logo and pinstripes. Black is a very difficult color to get right, but Brent's work was perfect. No orange peel, no runs, no flaws. He was easy to work with and provided pictures of the entire process. I highly recommend his painting service.
I waited years until I found someone trustworthy to paint my 57 Harley-Davidson XL. Brent Budgor is an expert. He did a great job and kept me informed every step of the process. The communication could not have been better. Issues arose with the rear fender that I had overlooked. Brent was very fair in dealing with those issues and even found a way to reduce my return shipping costs. I will be using Brent again.

Craig Thompson, Professor

Engineering and Environmental Science

Western Wyoming Community College

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Rock SPrings, WY 82901
All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!! You are the consummate professional. I have never dealt with such a polite, fast, great communicating business man in my life. You have exceeded all of my expectations. The tank and side covers on my Norton look outstanding! I can't wait to put them on my bike. How about that color? I think it is really unique. It will positively transform my bike. I hope you will change the tint slightly when you start doing metal flake for the boys up north! I would be pleased to write you a testimonial for your web site. You are an amazing guy and a talented artist.Thanks again for a job well done.
Glenn Scanlon
Brent at Vintage-Vendor just painted my 77 Triumph 750. It is a work of art, returning a banged up ugly paint job tank to a stock paint that is better than showroom original. He sent pictures every few days so I could follow the work as it progressed. His attention to detail is what the bike owner wants. I got more than I paid for, and recommend him to all bike owners that want the best quality work with no delays.
Jim H.
Just recieved two sets of tanks that I sent out for Paint from Brent Budgor in Vermont.
He does business as The Vintage Vendor and on ebay as vintage-vendor.
Wow the stuff looks great. Side covers look great. Interstate tank looks fantastic.
I saw his ads on ebay and looked. Then saw Jerry Doe's site and endorsement called and worked out a price with Brent.
For any one in North East or East or any where for that matter, Brent should be checked when deciding on paint. For the North East guys plan at trip to Vermont, and go drop you stuff off, you meet Brent and develop a trust thing, (cool Ford Galaxie) you see his work and know that your stuff will come out great. You can then speak to him and mark out any custom stuff that you want, as I did. He will send you progress photos as things go on. When he sent the finished photos I felt like a kid at Christmas.
I had Brent put a little Norton "N" on the front sportster style fender between the strips on the sides. I was very afraid that the N would be to large, it looks great, perfect size.
I had Brent do a somewhat CNW style on one set and stock style on the other. I had him use double stripes throughout for 850 as opposed to single for 750.
In my black w/ gold pinstripes he does the stuff up in full gold, applies stripes and decals, paints them black and removes stripes and decals.
Then clear coats.
You end up with a beautiful job that when you run your hands over is smooth with no bumps from decals.
If you want dead on stock with raised decals, he can do that for you also, but why would you? (here comes the hate mail)
I Caswell epoxy coated the tanks first before I sent them. Up to you and Brent.

Nice guy, fair deal! PPG paints
Photos of finished bike soon, I hope to God! Pretty much a CNW job on a budget.
Jim Dalton FDNY
Hi Brent,

My tank is holding up real well-- Just to amend here-- You cannot go wrong with Brent to paint your bike!!!

Just got mine back today... It looks amazing. Judge for yourself...


close up...the red is metallic sparkle

Had him reduce the size... The red matches the numberplate pretty closely... Here's the tank


(by the way my mom saw it today and said the Norton 'N' looks like a scotty dog lol
Brent just completed my tank and side covers for my 74 Commando. I can't imagine a better job. Tank looks better than the pictures he sent and the pictures were fabulous. I brought them to him in mid-July and it took approximately 3 weeks. He sends frequent updates with many, many pictures. Great person to deal with and reasonable prices. Well worth the trip to Newfield, VT and totally professional service.
Brent has just painted my Aluminium Featherbed Tank and Fiberglass oil tank... What a great artist, and what a great guy to deal with!!! The tank was hand made 30 years ago, and was always slightly "wavey" and had various minor dents. It has come back gleaming with a perfect deep black and gold paint job, that is dead flat and glistens. The oil tank was brand new, but not very flat... now it is perfect! I am full of praise for this guy, and recommend him to paint any Norton paint job... believe me you will not be disappointed, and at a very reasonable price. Brent is one of the nicest guys that I have ever dealt with, with great communications, sending loads of pictures as the job progressed, and completing the job very quickly, less than 2 weeks from shipping to being complete. Now I want to go to Vermont just to see him working!!! All I want now is to see my Tanks on Brent's web site!!
At the risk of sounding like everyone else that has written about Brent’s work (Vintage-Vendor), I would just like to say that he is indeed a very talented painter. He is also someone that I have found that takes a genuine interest in what his customers want to achieve, visually, when they decide to paint motorcycle parts. I spoke with several painters before discovering Brent. Before I had even agreed to send my parts to him for painting, Brent and I had communicated several times by email so that he could understand what I wanted, and he could provide me some ideas as well. Brent also provided me with dozens of photos of my tank and side covers at various stages of completion. In my experience, that is extraordinary. When I received my parts back from Brent I was blown away by the beautiful results. His work is excellent, and you’ll find his price is reasonable as well. I would recommend Brent to anyone, without reservation.
Bought a Norton roadster fiberglass tank on E-Bay from Brent. The tank is beautiful, better than the pictures could show.
Was so impressed by the craftmanship, that I sent him the tank and side covers from my 1975 MK3 to be refurbished.
His paint over paint technique is far superior, and will last far longer than the factory decals over paint.
Had considered repainting the Norton red, but after seeing how good the black and gold could look, decided to stay with the original colors.
The beautiful paint brings back much of the pride of ownership I felt back in 75 when I bought the motorcycle.
Keep up the fantastic work, and Thanks
Again, more of the same. Very nice work, fast, and personable. Brent was interested in helping me thru the types of paint that would be best for my application and needs. VERY reasonable prices, about a third of what a local painter wanted. He's got my future business! Ted
Brent just finished color matching a steel roadster tank for me. Brent did an awesome job. I could not be happier with the final product. He kept me very informed through the whole process and sent and incredible amount of pictures documenting the job. His price was more than reasonable for the job he did. I would highly recommend him to anyone else in need of painting services. I know I'll give him a call if I need anything else done...

Chris Moore
White Hall, AR
Got back tank and sidecovers from Brent for Norton MK3. Couldn't be more pleased with the results. Can highly recommend Brent's work to anyone. The photos just can't do justice to the depth and shine of the paint. Great job Brent, Thanks. :mrgreen:
Brent: do you seal the fiberglass tanks prior to paint? if so, which product?