Problem starting rebuilt 850 Commando Rebuild

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Mar 1, 2007
Well here I am stuck again. I just completed a complete restore on my 74 850 Commando. It will not start?? I triple checked the timing and the installation of the new Pazon ignition and it fires and sparks well at 28 before TDC with pistons in the compression mode so that is not the problem. I believe it is carburetion. I jumped the kills switch and checked for a good 12V at the input to the Pazon. When I tickle it it will POP a few times and that is it??? The engine and carbs had only 2000 miles on them when it was parked 17 years ago but I tore it down to the last nut and bolt and replaced anything that would be a problem. The carbs still looked in great condition. I soaked them for a few hours in chemtool and blew out and removed all the jets I could find but likely missed something??? after kicking it and gettting it to pop several times I removed the plugs to see if they were fuel fouled but they are basically bone dry. What did I miss in my carbeuetor rebuild??? It has great compression and has plenty of gas in the bowls. . I likely missed clogged jets in both carbs somewhere?? I replaced all the gaskets and O rings with rebuild kits but it just pops and wont run??? You guys have saved me many times on this rebuild and it turned out great-- it just won't start, Any suggestions??? Thanks again for any help---Mark Cigainero---Stumped in Texas.
Try a squirt of ether in each carb, if it starts but won't stay running, check back into the carbs.

also, mind your valve adjustment.
I Checked the valve clearance 3 times

Yep--got the valve Clearance covered. I checked it thrice??? and it is perfect???? I even went so far as to not put gasket sealer on the gaskets so I could double check after warmup and re torqueing the heads after cooldown???
Make sure to tickle the carbs HEAVILY, then choke them (you did install the choke slides, didn't you?).

Try kicking with the throttle wide open.

Have you tried the ether yet?
have not tried Ether Yet ==Where do I get it

Is ether just starting fluid like in the auto parts store?? Yes the choke levers are installed as per stock---Thanks---Mark C.
Don't forget, to "choke" the carbs, you RELEASE the cable tension, that lowers the choke slides down into the carb throat.

When you PULL the cables with the lever, you OPEN the throats for normal running.
Still wont start

The engine still just pops once in a while when I try to start it. I have tried all the sugestions. I am starting to suspect that the spark is too weak??? What should be the dc resistance across the ignition coils opn a 74 commando 12 v pos earth??? They are not shorted to the casing and I am getting spark from both cyls at 28 before tdc
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