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Nov 20, 2004
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I know some members here are not quite sure how to go about posting photos in their messages, and we often see "I would post a photo if only I knew how?"

So here's how to do it.

You would need to open an account with a photo hosting website, -like 'Photobucket': it is free for the basic service and it's easy to use.

Then upload your photos to your new Photobucket album, preferably around the 640 x 480 "message board" image size, (see "Options" in Photobucket) 1028 x 724 is about the biggest size the majority of people will be able to view photos without needing to use the sliders.

How to insert a photo, or photos, directly into your message from Photobucket:

Select the photo from your album by clicking on the *Img Code* address line next to the photo (it should highlight and say = 'Copied'), then use paste (right click>paste) to place it into your message. You don't need to use the message box 'image' = button.

Avoid pasting the Img code directly into the text of your message - leave a space or preferably use a new line.

Repeat for every photo by entering the photo's own Img Code line, do not copy anything from your browser address box .

Finally...use the 'Preview' button to check the photos show correctly in your message before posting .

But if you do get it wrong, just try again by using the message Edit facility.
If there is any way to make this a "sticky" topic, so that it remains at the top of the thread list, it would be a good idea to do so...
Yes, a good idea, so I have made it sticky, -for a while at least.

And if anybody wants to use this topic to do some practise photo posting then please do so, as I can always delete any 'duds'.
I'm trying this photo thing out. Here's my new ride, if only the weather would warm up and melt some snow so I could take it out for a ride. :D

Posting Photos
Just trying too.
If this works it's my poor old 850 she's covered at least 160k and hasn't been properly restored. Note the T160 kick start lever.

Posting Photos

posting photo's.

cash and flat tire -- nice photo's. of nice machines --. cash, it looks like your 'poor old" 850 was just wheeled out of a showroom!. You are located in West Cumbria?, there is a village there that I share a name with -- Satterthwaite -- , been there a couple if times. Long way from here now - Cleveland , Ohio, USA.
She's just been slowly modified most of her life. The frame has the original paint apart from the rear hoop. Looks no better than yours mate just scrubs up well.
Rode through Satterthwaite a few times over the years. I think we rode through last year going to a meet at Torver. The Lake District is a great place for biking when it doesn't rain.
Cash wrote " I think we rode through last year going to a meet at Torver. The Lake District is a great place for biking when it doesn't rain. "

Cash, I've camped many times in the past at Torver with my first Commando (1980-1994) and with my friends also on British bikes. We used to use the long straight from Broughton in Furness into Torver for speed testing and "noise appreciation." :p

Two Commandos (and a couple of Triumphs) on full bore was pure music, although I don't know what the locals thought about it. :twisted: It could be heard from the camping field clearly...apparently.

The campsite/field was after The Church House Inn (I think) turn left at the end of the iron railings up a narrow lane and to the field attached to the farm. Two whitewashed thunder boxes and one cold water tap on a dry stone wall...........happy memories. Don't know if you know it, or if it is still there?

I think it's still there but with some mod cons. I'll check next time and report back.
Did you get to go over the passes? great 'cept for the cars, sheep and pot holes.

Cash wrote
Did you get to go over the passes?

Yes, Hardknott and Wrynose, they were regular highlights of the many times there. My friend on his Triumph Tiger 100 set fire to the paint on his back brake coming down Wrynose. We used water from the nearby stream to put it out

I also took the Commando up the Old Man of Conniston which was great fun. It was very interesting coming back down. I still have photos of me sat on the bike, and two friends hanging onto the grab rail to steady me down.

It's a beautiful area you live in. I like the picture of your Interstate. Very tidy.
I was still recovering from a bad knock in 1990/1 and getting driven round the South Lakes on a day out, suddenly a couple of Commandos and at least one Triumph rumbled by. Much to my wife's concern I anounced I'd made my mind up I was going to have another. I wonder if it were you guys?
The final clincher came while driving back from Glasgow. There must have been a HD rally some where near as hundreds were going North in big groups. At the rear of one big group I could see a slim black bike catching fast. A Commando, he cut through them like a greyhound, he was doing well over a ton, absoutely flying. Three months later I bought my Mk3. Had to have a Mk3 cos my right leg wouldn't and still wont at times do as its told. I bet that mad Scot had a great big smile for weeks, I know I did.
Sorry for the ramble.

Cash wrote
I wonder if it were you guys?

It is possible as we usually accessed the Lakes from the south, but I'm not sure if the Triumphs were there as late on as (1990/1).
modified kick starter

Jean, can not find photo of Nor/jap combo yet. Here is a couple of the Sammy Miller unit. Hope this helps a bit. I will have my mounting plates back Friday, will try to mount everything up and do this again, It has required to much brain strain to acquire the skill to do the photo thing! Going to bed.
Posting Photos

Posting Photos
Cash...footrest photo please

Noticed a different type of footrest on your 850...any chance of a few closeups, both sides, to quell my curiosity?
Thanks... :D
I chopped them years ago to suit me, not to everyone's taste I would reckon.

Posting Photos

Posting Photos

Posting Photos

Posting Photos
That's a very elegant solution for homemade rearsets, very well done, I might add.
cash said:
I chopped them years ago to suit me, not to everyone's taste I would reckon.

Hi Cash,
I like your footpeg layout as well. Kind of in between stock and full on rear set.
Especially the kick start. The bit that goes between the k/s shaft and the T160 lever, did you make it entirely (including making the spline) or did you adapt it from a standard kick lever?
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