Plugs, swing arm and front ends.

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Jan 8, 2006
Hi All,

A couple of questions from a new owner.

Spark Plugs in a warm climate (SE Australia), stick to "7's"?, any preferences re NGK or Champion or other?

To change swing arm bushes any tips on how to get to first base removing that welsh plug in the RH side?? Anything to look out for or tricks? Can anyone tell me the original inside dia. of the new bush (I got some spares with the bike and there are bushes included which look unused)

The front end has been rebuilt by the previous owner with mainly new parts, ie, triple clamps, fork tubes etc but the bars seem a little crooked whilst riding (not bent bars - I checked) When these front ends are assembled can they be assembled crooked ie, is there some room for error / adjustment? I've had a look at the parts manual and can't make out if the clamps are keyed or splined or whatever.

Thanks for any assistance.

Rgds Vince
It is possible to build the forks twisted.
To remedy twisted forks you need to slacken everything but the top yoke:
Loosen (just a couple of turns) the wheel spindle nut, wheel spindle clamp, lower yoke pinch bolts and steering stem nut, mudguard stays.
Them pump the forks firmly up and down several times. This should pull them into allignment.
Then tighten it all up again.
I would do the steering stem nut first, then the lower pinch bolts then the wheels spindle then the mudguard.

If the forks are twisted , I would expect the ride to be harsh as they cannot absorb bumps too well in that state.
I don't believe you wnat to slacken the wheel spindle bolt, just the pinch bolt on the other side. If you slacken the wheel spindle bolt, bouncing the forks may allow the wheel to "centralize" by pulling away from that leg instead of the wheel spindle aligning itself by sliding in the other side (pinch bolt side). Also when you tighten it back up, you will put the forks back in a bind.

As far as the welch plug, drill a 1/8 inch hole in the center and screw in a sheet metal screw and pull it out. I have a small slide hammer with a sheet metal screw in the end that works well for this. Replace it with a new plug or tap the hole for a grease fitting or plug. Just don't use grease to lube it. There are felt washers behind the welch and another in the hollow spindle. These should be well oil soaked when replaced. 140 weight oil recommended, but 90 weight will do, just leaks faster.
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