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Hi all,

I want to repaint the very-oxidized black handlebar switch assemblies, and I just can't figure out how to recreate the recessed white lettering (engine off, run, stop, etc.) :?

I thought about doing the black first, then a clear coat, then hand painting the white letters with a tiny brush (more like flowing the paint in), and finally carefully scraping off anything that was above the recesses.

Anybody have any thoughts, successes, or links :?: I've never done any of this restoration nonsense before :)
I have had good luck painting handlebar switches by:

1) Painting the entire switch housing semi-flat black (rattle can) and letting the paint dry for about a week.

2) Quickly paint the embosed words on the housing white using a small brush and quickly wipe off the excess paint with cloth dampened with mineral spirits.

Good luck!

Thanks Jason!

A week :!: :?: Ok, I'll be patient. I used high temp flat black 'cuz that's all I could find in the shop. My first coat doesn't look so great. Lots of irregularities where the original paint oxidized away.

I did a very thorough cleaning job prior, but there are still uneven areas. I probably should have stripped the whole thing down and made the AL smooth, but I was impatient :roll: I was planning on working it over with 400 or 600 wet/dry to get it more even, and then do another coat or two. I don't want to do too much for fear of filling in the letter recesses.

Thanks for the tip. I think I have some of those little Testor's enamel bottles.

Use the "satin finish" black paint that is made for the black-painted trim found on most automobiles. I have found that this paint looks great and is easy to apply and resists weathering. Available at any auto parts store.
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