Over tight cam chain?

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Nov 26, 2006

I am building a 750 motor from spares and on fitting the intermediate cam gear and sprocket + new chain seem to think chain is too tight. Does anyone know if the int/cam wheel & sprocket from 750 is different to 850 as I bought these secondhand. The tensioner is backed right off and the chain is new. I have built 750's before and do not remember chain this tight (very little movement). Advice welcome.
I've always thought they were the same, but I can't remember ever being in a position to mix them up.
The 850 MkIII intermediate gear (06-5667) is different to the earlier type (06-1077).
I don't know what the result of trying to use the wrong one would be though? One type is wider than the other I think?
Hi, Thanks for replies ,have now solved the problem.
It turns out the new cam chain which was in a Renolds box seems to be the problem.
I replaced it with another one which had Renolds on the side plates and all is well,probably old stock uk manufacter.
I have heard Renolds now manufactured in China,could also be the problem so something to watch out for. Cheers Hursty.
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