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Nov 10, 2006
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I've found the alternator stator on my Mk3 850 is off centre and I cannot remember if there's a simple method of getting it centred without maching and shimming. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I had the same problem on my Mk3, and I just filed/sanded the inside of the stator to give more rotor clearance, and I've had no problems.
Is it "old norton" owner or "old" norton owner ? :D

Its quite easy to just drill out the stator mounting holes a little bigger, then place equal thickness shim material of some type between the rotor and stator at each of the mounting stud locations while you tighten it up.

Before adjusting check it once at one rotor position than at another than another if it's the cranks fault or the fault of a decaying rotor you need to know before proceeding.
Yeah! both and feeling older right now.
On the Mk3 the stator neatly fits inside three machined lugs. I'd need to open these out or turn a little off the outside of the stator.
The rotor is running true within 0.003", I'm sure it's the stator as the old one was OK. I fitted this 3 phase stator a couple of years ago and didn't check, did today.

Yes it was the stator the concentricity was out. Machined a little from the OD and shimmed it over.


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