Oil Pan.... I mean, Oil Tank (thanks LAB)

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Feb 22, 2007
I removed my oil tank today, not so much to inspect it as to get to those hard to reach spots on the bike (am readying for a re-wire). Looks a bit rough to me..... Hmmm. And there's a line that's been welded shut. Wondering if it was a chain oiler feed? If so, probably no harm in it being welded shut. Or is there?

Also, the bottom area where it bolts on to the frame has been epoxied - or welded - rather sloppily. Seems to be plenty sturdy, but it sure isn't pretty.

Question: any of the above issues warrant buying a new (or good used) pan?



Thanks, in advance, for any help(!).

oil pan

Hi wrench,check out Colorado Norton Works WEB site, they do a modified oil tank -- (upgrade) -- send your old oil tank and they will work their magic -- $129.00 exchange..Good luck.ames.
Re: Oil Pan

wrench said:

I guess you mean oil tank?
Yes that closed off pipe would be for the chain oiler and no there's no harm in it being disconnected and blocked off, provided you use another method to lubricate the drive chain.

The bottom oil tank mounting is a common fracture area so if it has been strengthened then that helps.
Thanks James & L.A.B. I had no idea that Colorado Norton Works did work on oil tanks, nor did I know that where my tank was epoxied is commonly a fracture point. (You guys are going to get sick of my questions in the coming weeks as this if my first Norton and I'm embarking on a few projects on it). I know I see oil tanks on Ebay going for relatively cheap quite frequently, too. Was just curious as to if mine was salvageable.

Really appreciate your help here.

As long as it holds oil, and will continue to hold oil, you should be good to go. I would say the main issue is whether the previous fix is strong enough and won't send oil all over the road halfway through a nice 100 mile ride in the countryside!! No guarantess that a another used tank will be any better as this is a weak point in the Commando oil tank design. If you want to be sure, send it to Matt at CNW and let them upgrade it for you. I think they weld a new stronger bottom and mounting point into the tank but don't know for sure.
CNW from what I have gathered doesnt use the lower mounting point anymore. They do weld a new plate there, but I believe they just strenghten the bottom and include a new "wedge" of high density foam to put underneath. I think they "axe'd" the whole lower mounting point.

The big thing with the lower mounting point breaking isnt the lower mounting points fault. It only happens when one of the upper mounts has an issue and either breaks or comes loose, cause excessive movement in the tank, which in turn breaks the lower mounting point.


Or just remove the tank like I did and start welding your frame for oil in top-tube tank!
Personally, I wouldn't trust that epoxy job (or whatever it is) to last very long. The tank is probably still cracked and those cracks will just keep growing until the tank breaks apart.

I'm running the CNW tank on my 750 and just got one in for the 850 project. I'd recommend sending yours in for rework or exchange. It will come back all clean and reinforced, with fresh powdercoating too. No more worries.

good luck,
Oil Tank

I have just sent my tank up to Matt for a re-work and its the last thing on my re-build.

I cant wait to get it back!
Thanks, all. Really appreciate the input. If it is only $129 to have the thing taken care of, that may be the way to go. I'd not be happy if the thing broke 100 miles down the road, obviously. I was on CNWs website, but didn't see where they offer the oil tank service. I'll e-mail them for info tonight.


Driggs said:
Or just remove the tank like I did and start welding your frame for oil in top-tube tank!

NICE lookin' bike, Driggs. Did you really do the above-mentioned procedure? Was it difficult?

Re: Oil Tank

Jerry Doe said:
I have just sent my tank up to Matt for a re-work and its the last thing on my re-build.

I cant wait to get it back!

Keep forgetting to say CONGRATS on getting the bike more or less done. I've been to your Jerry Doe site and it looks fantastic.

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