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I just recieved a Norton 750. I do not have a plate with serial # on frame, and was wondering if I can get one, and where? The engine # is 20M3S 153531. Can anyone tell me what the yaer is and style? I was told it is a 1972 750 Commando Roadster.
OK, this is sorta related, and a good time to post thanks.

I was going crazy trying to get California to give me a title for my Norton with no paperwork (or even a bill-O-sale).

I had it inspected by the local DMV who were not convinced the frame plate s/n was the VIN. I went to the local PD who thought it was fine but DMV didn't care and then sent me to California Highway Patrol (25 miles away) to get it inspected.

The officer was scratchning his head. He had a printout from his database saying my year Norton should have differing frame and engine numbers (mine match).

I pulled out my printout of dynodave's frame page:

He took a look, and said, "OK, looks good to me."

THANK YOU DYNODAVE!!! <bowing down>
Re: 71 commando

dynodave said:
You have a very late 71, a cam breather 20M3S engine.
You have a breather hose on the left front of the engine...

72 start with 200001 and no breather hose on the cam.

71 are a good bike except for the usual 71 side stand mounts which is a 1 year version, that you come to not appreciate.
The body work could have been any 71 style.

Yes you can get ID plates, but there are at least 5 versions.
The availability of ID plates is allowing bike of questionable origin to circulate. The engine #(last 6) would match the frame VIN plate and gearbox #. There is a frame mfg date only seen by removing the left z plate which should be no later than about 7-71 if it matches the engine vintage.

Dynodave where can I get the ID plates for my Norton?
Norton ID plates

Dynodave where can I get an ID plate for my Norton?
I have seen the frame plate on E-Bay this week. Take it to a metal or leather working shop to have the numbers stamped, or buy leather or metal punch stamps with the proper numbers.
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