norton spark

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Oct 28, 2007
here is to hoping someone can help. i rescued a 71 commando after katrina tried to drown it. the bike was in near perfect shape prior to the storm, and was rode weekly by the previous owner. after the storm, he kicked out the water and stuck it the shed. 18 months later i went and got it, as he no longer wanted to mess with it. i have gone through the bike flushing and replacing all fluids and everything electric, including a new boyer ign. the bike had been upgraded to electronic ign. before, so it was a simple r&r. now the problem. i have no spark. when i turn the key, i get a strong blue spark, but that's it. i can do it all day. turn the key on, get the spark, kick all day, nothing. being new to the british bikes, and hearing horror stories about lucas wiring, was hoping someone with more knowledge might be able to help . i might add, everything except the ign. is stock, and i've replaced everything with nos parts. thanks, wally
I would suggest renewing the wiring between the Boyer box and the pickup.

Bad ignition and kill switch contacts and other connectors have also been known to cause many ignition problems, you could try connecting the Boyer box directly to the battery temporarily, and see if that cures the problem?
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