Norton of Gladstone, Ore

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The old quicktime was much better although it wasn't the 952 it sounded and looked great. With the new sight and sounds you dont see or really hear the bike untill the last 10 secs.

Not sure i like the new web site either. It feels empty. If i wanted to spend that kind of money the CNW mob have my vote at the moment.

I hope the Dreer Norton makes it....but it is a long way to go. Fingers crossed.

I'm with you Scott. The Dreer bikes just don't quite work for me. For that kind of money, I'd go CNW also. Or maybe one of those Ducati Sport Classics. I think the GT1000 looks pretty cool. But I hear they've already sold out the entire production run.

But since I don't have the money I'll be sticking with my 750...

Unfortunately, the following comments from Scott and Debby sum up my thoughts about the new Dreer Norton:

"The Dreer bikes just don't quite work for me." "I hope the Dreer Norton makes it....but it is a long way to go. Fingers crossed."

Personally, I think the rear shocks give the bike a bowl-legged stance. And the Norton timing cover is too flat; it looks like a cheap Jello mold.

But, I have to give Kenny a whale of an E for effort.

952 Commando

The part I like about Kenny's bike is the 80hp to the rear wheel and 70 lb/ft of engine torque. Several of the contributors to this site are on the quest for more power from the 70s Commandos through modifications. Kenny has taken that quest to the logical conclusion which is to strengthen and improve the original design. In the process he has also given it decent brakes and suspension.
80 hp, decent brakes and suspension? What kind of Norton is that? Sounds like a Ducati to me :D (sorry)

I just don't like the way it looks. It's probably a nice enough bike but for me the visual appeal just isn't there.

Jeez, I think they're beautiful! Don't have $20K laying around, though!
Maybe if a new norton had the grunt of the new Triumph "Rocket 3" but still retained the "norton looks". But no...a commando is a commando, anything new is going to be a different bike altogether nowadays.

Mr Dreer obviously loves the norton also & has done an admirable job, I reckon. The cost to get one into Australia & then pay all the "extras"......prohibits a working class man like me.

Most of us have commandos cause they are just like our wives,
"We love em just the way they are,(mostly)."
Love em the way they are?

The majority of the strings in this site are about owners wanting to improve on the power, brakes, increase tire size, suspension, reduce weight...etc. Dreer just goes one step beyond by improving everything at once. That's what Norton Villiers would have done eventually.
I must say that is very well put & better said than what I was trying to put across.
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