No matter your thoughts...

Leaving politics out of it, the problem is that people don't discuss the issue - they spout their narrow view of it. I know people who insist that we won't make it to 2050 and others who insist that there is no issue whatever. Neither actually has a clue about the overall issue they are talking about!

The Guayana leader did not say there was no problem or that their drilling would not add to whatever problem there is, he simply made it clear that they are net-0 and likely will always be and most of the world cannot say that. I know nothing of him or the situation in Guayana, but I certainly liked him.

A better video of it. Didn't realize the above post was not the complete one. I think what gets me the most is that the correspondent is asking questions from notes that were probably very carefully worded to present a one sided world view while president Irfann Ali speaks from first hand knowledge.