Newly acquired G15 and extras.

Feb 5, 2011
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I've just seen this thread, nice looking bike, thx for posting it up here. When I was thinking about getting another bike (sold off all my other ones when we started having kids). Fast forward to around 2011 and we had 6 kids and none of them could care less about bicycles much less motorcycles etc.. It was video games all the way, couldn't pry them away from their Nintendo DS game consoles. Once I punished my oldest son by sending him outside to ride his bike for an hour, (he was about 7or8 at the time - he balled like a baby - you'd have thought I'd just given him a whippin') anyway looking thru some ads I happened apon one for a G-15. It was much less complete than yours and they wanted way more than I had at the time to spend on a motorcycle. Again thx for posting this thread Cj